Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Church visit # 7 took place on 10 September 2006.

I want to maintain the standard of referring to our activities on any given Sunday morning as a “church visit” even when we are not specifically in a church building. This is mostly because I want to keep an accurate count of the number of weeks we have been undertaking this assignment. It is also because I believe even our “non-church” activities are part of who we are in Christ and are therefore just as relevant as what we might experience within the walls of any church building.

With that in mind, this “visit” was perhaps more like “church” than visit # 5, because we actually did pray, sing, share, read scripture. Although, I think the only one of those we did not do at church visit # 5 was sing.

Anyway, we enjoyed a family gathering the weekend of 9-10 September, and on that Sunday morning, we went out to the beach and "had church." We gathered together on a small bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We prayed, we sang a song, and I shared a bit of scripture (John 4:10; 7:38) and a few words of exhortation about the need and effects of Living Water in and through our lives. Solicited comment from the gathering; a few responded. Sang a few more songs. Prayed again. Explored the beach.

That was our (verywonderful) church experience on 10 September.

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