Friday, February 17, 2012

Last night in conversation with friends I was reminded of this blog so I encouraged them to come here and check it out.

So... this morning I checked it out myself, just to confirm my memory of the place, ya know?

And what do I find?

My last post here was ten months ago, and it concluded with a teaser implying I'd BE RIGHT BACK to share more of my ruminations on unity in the Body of Yeshua.

In anyone's book, ten months is a long time to be left dangling from a cliff.

Nevertheless, here I am at long last.

I confess that although I have not ceased to ponder the mysteries of "Christian Unity," lately my thoughts on the subject have been persistently coalescing around the biblical theme of ECHAD.

ECHAD is Hebrew for ONE. 

So far, every reference to unity I have found in scripture is either explicitly or implicitly declaring that ECHAD is the condition desired by, mandated by, prayed for by, envisioned by Yahweh.  This means true eternal ONENESS, not superficial, temporary, let's-join-hands-singing-kumbayah "unity."

Psalm 33:1 "How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in UNITY" - the word is ECHAD.  So, "...when brothers exist AS ONE."  Deeper, more intimate than our contemporary concept of unity.

John 17: Yeshua prayed that his talmidim (disciples) would BE ONE as he and Father are ONE.  That's some no-kidding oneness.

Unity?  Probably never gonna happen the way our worldly vision conceives of it.

ECHAD? Seek his face. Fix your eyes on Yeshua.  Oneness happens when we worship only Yahweh by the power of the indwelling Ruach ha'Qodesh (Holy Breath/Spirit).