Friday, July 11, 2008


We will be leaving shortly to go see our friend Marty Goetz at the Sar Shalom fellowship. We consider Marty and his wife Jennifer to be our friends, but they live in Tennessee and they are all over the globe ministering regularly.

When Marty sits at the piano and sings, it opens the windows of Heaven! It is one man and one piano, but it may as well be a symphony orchestra and an angel choir. His ministry invariably blesses our socks off, so we always take an extra pair of socks :)

No time to wax eloquent about how much we appreciate him at the moment.

Go here: to see and hear more.


AndyM said...

You know how I love good music! Thanks for the head's up about this guy. I made it out to the west coast this summer - but I was in Seattle (which seemed far away from you guys). But - we should totally come out and see you sometime.

lyn said...

Ed-I have been trying to call you. I don't know how to get in touch with you. email me
Lyn M.